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Sharisse Steber

Written by Matt Hollingsworth

This story is personal to us because it’s about The Bingham Group’s first ever intern, back in 1993. Lisa Bingham always knew her intern Sharisse Steber had great potential, and she’s lived up to it with an incredible career as a graphic designer and now as an illustrator for books. In 2021, she published her first book: “Rise and Roar,” a guided journal about hiking and the great outdoors.The book began life as an illustrated calendar, but as she drew, it kept growing until it blossomed into a 130-page journal.

Sharisse explained, “I decided to combine the two things I love: the great outdoors… and art.” After finishing the book, she signed with a literary agent. Within just one day of pitching the book to publishers, she got an offer. After the success of “Rise and Roar,” she created a set of playing cards based on the book, featuring beautiful illustrations. The royal cards feature famous women who achieved great things in outdoor adventuring, often overcoming obstacles against all odds. These women are some of Sharisse’s heroes, and she knows everything about them off the top of her head. Sharisse knows about outdoor exploration firsthand.

She has summited Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, hiked to Mount Everest’s Base Camp backpacked on the Lares Inca Trail in Peru, and gone caving on Easter Island. Since the publication of her guided journal, Sharisse has been hard at work on other projects. Her first children’s book premiered in April. Written by Judy Young, the book, named “T is for Trails,” teaches kids about hiking and national parks.

Using poetry and expository text, “T is for Trails: A Hiking Alphabet” gives young readers an A-to-Z guide on how to prepare and make the most of their outdoor adventures. Topics include information on gear and clothing, trail etiquette and safety rules, along with recommended trails to travel. 

The Tarot for the Great Outdoors deck celebrates our National Parks and public lands. Each card depicts outdoor adventure activities as well as beautiful nature scenes inspiring you to get outside! 

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Matt Hollingsworth

Matt Hollingsworth is the chief writer for the Bingham Group where he writes articles for Monroe Life, Farragut Life, and McMinn Life magazines. He has a degree in publishing from Belmont University and has previously written content for Aspire—Clinton, TN's largest park. In his spare time, he writes science fiction with Christian themes.

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