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Nearly every town has an “icon” – the one business that has been around for so long, everyone knows about it. In Sweetwater, The Lily Pad Boutique is an icon 40 years in the making, poised to make its way into the annals of history as a pillar of women’s fashion.

The Lily Pad Boutique began in 1978 when Brenda Bryan decided she wanted to start a business that would allow her the flexibility to work while her children were at school. Upon recognizing a need in the area for better ladies’ wear, she set up shop in the lobby of a motel off I-75. As the years progressed, her client base grew. She moved to a strip mall on Highway 68 before later buying the current building in downtown Sweetwater.

At the heart The Lily Pad has always been Brenda’s passion for merchandising and fashion. She truly cares about creating a unique experience for every customer. This focus on the customer is reflected in the store itself, which features large dressing rooms, a coffee bar, tastefully decorated bathrooms and even a seating area for friends (or husbands) to lounge.

Offering a customer-centric experience is not the only reason The Lily Pad has enjoyed so many years of success. According to Brenda, “At The Lily Pad, we are constantly striving to become more diverse and offer services our customers want and love.” One example would be Renee, their on-staff makeup artist. She has more than 30 years in the cosmetic industry both nationally and internationally. She came to the Lily Pad five years ago to launch her own makeup line and also does closet organization and personal wardrobing. Renee is available by appointment to share her extensive knowledge and expertise.

Another service the staff at The Lily Pad loves providing is Facetiming with customers. They will actually walk you through the store, showing you whatever you’re in the market for, and then pack up your Lily Pad Fix-in-a-Box and ship it to you. If there’s anything you don’t like upon arrival, just return it!

The Lily Pad’s broad collections of ladies’ attire range in size from x-small through plus sizes, so there is something for every size and every age. Their goal has always been that if three generations come shopping together, everyone can leave with fashions that are age appropriate.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this Sweetwater icon – stop by The Lily Pad today, and see what 40 years of fashion-minded experience can do for your wardrobe!

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