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Genera Energy: Putting Down Roots in East Tennessee Soil

Written by The Bingham Group

If the grass is greener on the other side, that side is Genera Energy. Sam Jackson, the current Vice President of Business Development, says the “company is growing” and will “continue to move forward” in the commercial biorefinery field.

Last November, Genera Energy made the Biofuels Digest Hot 40 List. Biofuels Digest recognizes small companies making a big impact in the advanced bioeconomy field, and Genera Energy has certainly gotten their attention. Originally born out of the UT Biofuels Initiative, Genera Energy has flourished in the East Tennessee clay, and has already sowed seeds for expansion.

Genera Energy began working with local farmers and planting switchgrass in 2008, which would then be harvested and converted into ethanol fuel. Last December, Genera Energy closed a round of capital financing, and Jackson is positive that receiving the investment is “significant recognition that they are on the right path.” This year, they have begun hiring for their business development team, and currently have 20 full-time employees on site.

Genera Energy will continue to utilize switchgrass and other dedicated energy crops for biofuels, but as the industry continues to develop, Jackson says their focus will “look beyond biofuels to also include various projects that emphasize sustainability.” They have already begun to develop technologies that convert biomass into renewable products, such as recycled plastics, polymers, and sustainable chemicals.

Genera Energy has already set the bar for biofuel production in the country, and have put down lasting roots for renewable biomass products in the future. To learn more about Genera Energy and their work with commercial biorefinery, visit generaenergy.com.

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