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Heather Watson, owner of The Fit Stop Health Shop, began her journey into health and fitness not because she was fit and healthy but because she was not. Once athletic, but not necessarily nutritionally sound, several years ago Heather was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and the outlook was grim.

Not one to stop Heather commented, “I spent my energy experimenting with clean foods (those void of processed sugar and chemicals).  But, I wanted the clean foods to taste good. Taste good to my “then” taste buds, a pallet that had grown accustom to the dirty foods (those laden with artificial flavoring and other things that trick the brain into believing something is good). Over time my recipes became a wealth of nourishment and delectableness. Today, I have an improved quality of life!”

“While I’m not 100%, are any of us?” Heather asks. “But, I’m far and away better off than when first diagnosed.  However, I didn’t conquer this herculean task alone, I have an incredible team of people who supported me. They were the driving force to spur me on as I healed.  Their urging fostered my desire to help others heal and to open Fit Stop. My thanks go out to my God, my husband Van, the incredible team at Any Time Fitness, my Nutritionist, Diana Davis, Dr. Jessica Smiley, Dr. Brandes of Hope Neurology, and Fit Stop Manager, Laura Hawkins. It’s also due to Monroe County’s willingness to support our efforts and the Chamber of Commerce efforts to promote us, that helped make the Fit Stop possible.”

Fit Stop starts with a great team of people, their mission – empower, educate and enlighten people with their taste buds, demonstrate that nutritionally healthy foods that are both healing and good for you, can taste incredible. A well-stocked wall of supplements is conveniently located within Fit Stop to help the novice or the seasoned veteran of nutrition.  Sumptuous bakery items, bold coffee and delightful Chi tea, are all paleo and gluten free. The Shop’s all-time favorite smoothie, “Jacked Coffee Colada” full of phytonutrients and micronutrients, protein, coconut oil, chocolate greens, banana, espresso grounds and almond milk. Drop by for a real “power lunch” and enjoy one of the weekly panni specials. Experience a gluten free meal, a paleo snack or pick up a couple of ketogenic diet items and if you aren’t sure what any of those are, well, – the Fit Stop health baristas and nutrition gurus are just waiting to be asked!

“Best kept secret in Madisonville!” Says Tim Conway, patron of the Fit Stop and member of Any Time Fitness Center next door.

Visit Fit Stop at 4439 Highway 411 in Madisonville, TN or on their webpage or Like them on Facebook.

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