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Walking into Brenda McCaslin’s cozy home at Christmastime will make you feel like you have stepped back in time to a more simple and primitive era.

The wood and logs that line the home from the floor to the ceiling have been carefully designed and laid out by McCaslin herself. In fact, many of the wood casings, cabinets, cupboards, and other woodwork throughout the home, were crafted and built by Brenda.

McCaslin designed her entire home, both the exterior and the interior. For years she worked for a builder remodeling and designing homes. She also took many classes in the past to perfect her undeniable natural talent, and she carried out all of her design skill and building expertise by creating her beautiful home that immediately transports guests back in time. Inside the home it feels as if you have stepped into a log cabin, but the outside of the home was designed and built with antique bricks. From the bricks on the exterior of the home to each carefully placed decoration in every corner of her home…it is all antique and all meticulously decorated throughout.

Following in her father’s footsteps, McCaslin has a great love for collecting beautiful antiques and has been a collector for 50 years. She has a passion for finding unique and timeless pieces to adorn her home, and her favorite places to buy antiques are in Ohio and Indiana, although she collects them from all over the South as well. At Christmastime in particular, she pulls out all of her favorite timeless treasures, but the decorations she loves most were from her father’s beautiful antique ornament collection. They bring back special memories of days gone by.

Perhaps one of the most unique features of the home is that in all of the living areas on the main floor, all modern appliances and electronics have been covered by cupboards, furniture, or feed sacks that serve as curtains, handcrafted by McCaslin herself. She wanted to keep the primitive feel of the home as much as possible.

From a tree full of age-old ornaments to delicately placed reindeer and fresh evergreen branches, this home is as wonderful and inviting as the person who created and designed it. The McCaslin home is where your “troubles will seem miles away” at Christmastime and throughout the year.

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