Boys & Girls Clubs A Sound Community Investment

Written by The Bingham Group

Did you know that for every hour our children spend in school, they spend two hours out of school? The challenge is how to keep them occupied, protected, and safe during these hours out of school.

The way our kids spend those hours after school, and in particular the summer time hours, have a significant impact upon their lives. Kids with no direction often find themselves in trouble.

Those who have a safe place to spend their time, mentored by caring adult members, and participate in programs that enrich their lives, have a better opportunity for success than kids who are left alone. The after-school and summer programs have a very positive impact on their lives. That’s one of the reasons why Boys & Girls Clubs of the Ocoee Region – Monroe Area Units are a good investment for our community.

A study, commissioned by Boys & Girls Clubs of America, revealed that Clubs provide nearly $10 in benefits to the community for every dollar invested. The study, conducted by the Institute for Social Research and the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan, found that the biggest benefit derived from investment in our Clubs is the improved grades and reduced alcohol use of those attending Boys & Girls Clubs. Affordable child care for after-school and summer brings a peace of mind to parents as well. Parents know their children are not only learning, but developing socially, and above all are in a safe place. This in turn reduces the number of child-care related absences from work, which studies have shown cost employers over $3 billion annually. Also, assurance that their children are well cared for in a Boys & Girls Club environment has shown to increase employee productivity by 49 percent.

With 28 percent of the County population single-parent households, it is extremely important for our community to offer low cost after-school and summer program care. Boys & Girls Clubs of the Ocoee Region – Monroe Area Units after-school and summer program fees have undergone restructuring to make it more affordable to allow your children to attend one of our Club locations.

For 23 years Boys & Girls Clubs of the Ocoee Region – Monroe Area Units have been promoting healthy lifestyles for those who attend our programs. The kids are involved in physical activities, nutrition education, computer-based learning programs to promote academic excellence, and summer reading programs. It is proven that there is less brain “drain” for students who participate in summer learning programs, giving them a better chance at educational success when they return to the classroom after summer. Studies have shown where kids who do not participate in summer programs may need up to six weeks to re-learn old material. Our kids are served a breakfast, lunch, and snack daily during the summer program. During the after-school programs, kids receive supper and snack, homework assistance and special tutoring on subjects where they may need additional help.

Call us today at (423) 442-6770 to learn how you or your firm can help invest in making Monroe County a better place for our kids. Or call for more information on how to enroll your children in our programs.

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