Megan Hurst Music

Written By Cece Owens

Singer and songwriter Megan Hurst calls herself “just a girl with a vision”, a perfect description of the daughter, wife, mother and now artist who uses her gift from God to positively impact others. Megan released her debut album entitled “Saved,” which features 10 recorded songs that came from her personal experiences and the shared experiences of others in their walk with the Lord.

One song on the album is “Daughter of the King,” a fun song for woman and girls.

Megan wrote the song after hearing a lesson on what it really means to be a daughter

of the King of Kings. Sharing her personal experiences is the first part of the gift as she penned the lyrics placed on her heart. The second part of the gift appears as she gives voice to those lyrics and the final part of the gift is the inspiration it gives to others who hear the lyrics. She is just a girl with a vision. It’s a mighty big vision, but so is her gift!

“I can remember where each song was formed and how God whispered lyrics to my heart,” recalled Megan, “when we are happy in God, we are stronger.”

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