Marble Town Guardians

East Tennessee is riddled with history and long forgotten stories, but a small group of teenagers in Sweetwater, Tennessee is hoping to change all of that. The Marble Town Guardians are a group of high school students that are hoping to uncover the past one grave stone at a time. They all currently attend Sweetwater High School and were brought together by a passion for the past. The Guardians go to bygone cemeteries and clean dirty grave stones in hopes of reviving the past in way that’s never been done before. They then record the information they have gathered and release it on social platforms and to the Monroe County Archives in order to make it public. The group consists of: Jade Links, Jared Watkins, Sophie McCosh, Makayla Coppetti, Brent Jones, Dalton Williford, Noah Hall, Julia Powell, Olivia Jones, Clayton Lynn, and Morgan Hadorn and they are led by sponsors: Candra cox, Wendy Hill, and Lauren Kyle. This modest group of only eleven is making anything but a modest impact on the community, Doyle Lowe, the mayor of Sweetwater, has even given them a proclamation of support to honor their actions. They also work with other community groups such as Sons of the Union veterans in order to increase their already huge impact on the community. They are also hoping to widen the scope of their impact by having their story shared by the media. The Guardians hope that they will inspire others to delve deeper into the past and uncover once hidden history. To find more on these hometown heroes or their findings go to the their blog,, or their Facebook Sweetwater High School Marble Town Guardians.

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