Executive Chef Shelley Cooper: Soul Satisfaction

A short drive to Townsend is all it takes to find the atmosphere for a unique dining

experience. The Appalachian Bistro at Dancing Bear Lodge is a casual, rustic setting for combining good food and great conversation and making amazing memories for friends and family to cherish. The satisfaction of savory flavors leading to this unique experience is not an accident; it is the purposed life of Executive Chef & Head of Culinary Operations, Shelley Cooper

Shelley brings her passion for simple ingredients and farm-to-table Southern cuisine to each creation. Born in Memphis, the positive Mississippi Delta and Blue Ridge Mountain family influence is the core of what allows the expression of love felt in the dining experience. It matters to her. Every aspect of the process plays a role in preparing for a visual and tasty feast. From the planning of the seasonal gardens on the property to every individual dish prepared, no detail is missed with Shelley participating in every step.

Chef Shelley Cooper is exactly where she wants to be. You could say everyday has prepared her for this time in her life. The childhood spent learning the value of taking care of one another through food, traveling the world gathering culinary experience and landing with Dancing Bear’s Appalachian Bistro…it’s a soul satisfied.

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