Cue The Wedding Bells: Ben Finch Photography Captures A Fairytale Wedding at The Tennessee Theater

Written By Emily Walls

The birds are singing sweet melodies, vibrant flowers are blooming, and the coolness of winter is fading into the welcomed warmth of spring. For most of us these familiar sights and sounds mean spring is finally here, but for photographers it means it is time to cue the wedding bells – wedding season has officially begun.

McMinn County native, Ben Finch, is an expert professional photographer that captures all of the heartfelt emotions that surround the most important day of a person’s life. Over the years, Finch has covered many weddings, but there are some that seem to stand apart from the rest. One of Finch’s most breathtaking weddings was actually shot indoors at the Tennessee Theater. WBIR Channel 10 news anchor and McMinn County native, Beth Haynes, was married to Seth Grossman at the beautifully renovated theater.

Ben Finch says, “It was a beautiful wedding. Bill Schneider played the great wulitzer, and Russell Biven announced them to the congregation and did a scripture reading.“ Every shot from the wedding captured the stunning beauty of the day. From the wedding preparations to the ceremony and reception, every intricate detail was represented throughout the photography. Finch was also able to scope out a perfectly lit alley across from the Tennessee Theater for a few outdoor shots as well.

As a photographer, Finch takes great inspiration from the JFK era.  His personal style reflects timeless, classic, and nostalgic beauty. “25 years down the road, I want my photos to be as relevant then as they are now. I try to focus on things that inspire me most.” Viewers truly feel as if they have stepped into a real life fairytale with every detail perfectly in place. The Haynes wedding was truly a spectacle to behold of special, magical moments captured in time.

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